Members Update - 20th November 2020
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Dear Member,

Course Update - 20th November 2020.

This week has seen the introduction to our planned Verti-draining project on the fairways. This job makes the fairways initially feel softer under foot, however in the long term it will help us in achieving the desired results of firmer surfaces.

A lot of our focus this week has been aimed at the 6th hole where 2 of the bunkers have been filled in on the left-hand side. The bunkers have been replaced with low level movement which will develop into semi and rough cuts. The 2 approach bunkers on the right have been remodelled into 1 bigger bunker.

The gorse to the right-hand side of the bunkers on the 6th approach was coppiced down the middle last year, meaning this year we could go round and remove the outer ring. This is done to restore the gorse to a smaller, better kept stand which has been halted from encroaching into the fairway.

The secondary path installation at the 18th has now begun with the route being dug out.
Because of the high water table in the area, the path will next receive a large amount of sand to raise it up bringing it further out of the water table meaning it will be dryer for use in the winter when the main pathway may become wetter and more vulnerable to damage.

Finally, the greens have received the relevant extra overseed as planned and have received a topping of sand.

This will be an ongoing process during the winter which we will continue to do in small amounts to ensure the surfaces continue to smooth out.

Jamie Whittle
Course Manager.

World Handicap System

Over the past few weeks The Lancashire Union of Golf Clubs have been hosting webinars for members of clubs in the region to register for a presentation regarding the WHS.

From those webinars we have placed a PDF copy of the relevant slides in the document section of your members hub.

Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Richard Kilshaw
General Manager.

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